About Us

We're an Indie game development studio with members around the U.S. from New Jersey to Austin, and everywhere in between; geared towards fulfilling our passion of creating games we want to play and share with others.

At SDE, our key ideals are as follows:

  • Create fun games and memorable stories for all ages and backgrounds.

  • Passion, dedication, and team work. 

  • Centering the studio around a family atmosphere with positive attitudes.

  • Be unique. 

Shadow Demon Entertainment, LLC


With  the collaboration of our players and gamers, we can open more opportunities to create games that appeal to the interest and skill levels of evevryone.  With this team of young and hungry developers, an ever evolving technology, and an ever growing love for video games, we will embrace the opportunities of giving all audiences new and innovative experiences to enjoy for years to come.

Felix Cruz

Founder, Executive Producer

Nicole Massari

Animations, Graphic Artist

Jasen Blosser

Senior Consultant

Eddie Rojas

3D Artist, Animator

Jeremy English

Production Manager

Andrew Corbitt

Composer, Sound Designer, Web Artist

Alex Schwartz

Art Director, Lead Level Designer

Sara Parysz

3D Modeler

Tristan Cornelious

Lead Programmer

"Your name here"

We're always considering new talent! Check it out:

The Team