Project Forbidden: Dark Rose

Dark Rose Manor has a tragic history...

   Ryan, the new kid in school, is bullied and forceably locked inside an old abandoned mansion, Dark Rose Manor, one evening. Rumors circulate around town that the manor is haunted by it's tragically gruesome past. Unbeknownst to all, a much darker, more sinister secret resides in the manor and the property within the gates. Ryan must not only discover this secret but survive the hell awakened within...

  • First-Person Survival/Horror

  • Visionary Storyline encompasses over a century of terror on the manor grounds

  • Hyper-Realistic design and character development

  • Designed for Mature audiences*

*Rating Pending

Demo coming soon

   "Find the missing pieces. 

Conquer your fears.  Discover the dark secret within and you may get out of this alive."

- paraphrased  from last  transmission.

unknown documenter 

Ryan Render Concept
Sophie & Sam Render Concept
Mara Flashback Render Concept
Mara Modern Render Concept


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