Gameacon is NOW!

Greetings Ladies and Gents,

Andrew here. So, it has finally arrived. After a month of crunching, and quite nearly every day for Felix and Tristan, the Forbidden: Dark Rose demo is ready and LIVE; starting tomorrow morning 10am EST. If you're in the house for Gameacon stop by the SDE booth, right by the front entrance to the hall. We've got huge freakin' banners (see picture at right); you can't miss us.

We've worked for years to get to this point. We got the banners, the table, the computer equipment, you name it. It's been prepared and sacrificed for. Blood, sweat, tears, lack of sleep and innumerous caffeinated beverages... and continued past obstacles even up until yesterday!

Basically, Felix ordered some rental PC laptop's with the plan to load up the game and set up two playstation at our booth, only to find out this past week that the laptops can't handle the game!!! Some 'gaming laptops' those turned out to be. Down to the wire, he and Eddie volunteered their laptops to run the demo instead. So, anyone dropping by to play the demo will be enjoying the game on the actual machines used to make it! Special treat just for you guys... totally planned it. I take all the credit.

The guys are getting their 'learn' on today, with several panels that are already providing some interesting ideas and opportunities for the future of Forbidden and our team's other developments. Eye-tracking, VR and all the coolest/latest technologies are being talked about and featured, and we couldn't be in a better place to soak it all in with a great, playable demo already flexible and open enough in design to be a perfect platform for cool new hardware like we're seeing and trying today. It's the future, people!

Stay posted for further updates here and on our Facebook page for everything that's happening this weekend. I should warn you all though, there's no telling what shenanigans may ensue, or who will be photographed in any possible and/or incriminating fashion. I'm talking 'bout you, Felix. Keep your clothes on.

That's all for now! Keep it classy, people.


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